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Bowmansdale, Pennsylvania

Recorded Services

Below is video of Pastor Mike Walker's sermons.

This is the 4/8/18 "Mission and Power" sermon on Luke 24:36-49.

You may view older sermons on the links below.

This is the 4/1/18 Easter Sermon "Fear Not, He is No Fool" sermon on Psalm 53 and Matthew 28:1-10.

This is the 3/25/18 "This is Jesus" sermon on Matthew 21:1-11.

This is the 3/18/18 "Everything is Backwards" sermon on Matthew 20:1-16.

This is the 3/11/18 "Who Is The Greatest" sermon on Matthew 18:1-11.

This is the 3/4/18 "Fear Not, It Is My Son" sermon on Matthew 17:1-13.

This is the 2/25/18 "Fear Not, It Is I" sermon on Matthew 14:25-36.

This is the 2/18/18 "Fear Not, It Is ME" sermon on Matthew 11:1-15.

This is the 2/11/18 "Fear Not, You Are Worth More Than Sparrows" sermon on Matthew 10:26-34.

This is the 2/4/18 "Fear Not" sermon on Matthew 8:23-27.

This is the 1/28/18 "A Pattern for Prayer" sermon on Matthew 6:5-15.

This is the 1/21/18 "Holiness and Grace" sermon on Isaiah 6:1-7 by Pastor Charlie Hostetter.

This is the 1/14/18 "Three Tests" sermon on Matthew 4:1-11.

This is the 1/7/18 "Bow Down to Worship" sermon on Matthew 2:1-12.

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